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The human being is a divine creation & the power that created the body can heal the body.  As bodyworkers & practitioners, we do not heal anyone.  We simply aid the body by removing obstacles preventing this balance & facilitating the factors that promote the body's natural healing power. 



Our aim is to be our community's most trusted source for consistent, advanced level therapeutic massage & bodywork.  We wish to provide healthcare professionals a reliable resource for their patients that could benefit from manual tissue manipulation.     Make lasting changes in our client's lives through an exceptional high degree of skill & care.  Educate the community of the benefits of therapeutic bodywork .


Make the world a better place one massage at a time.

Pioneer & elevate the profession of bodywork & massage by setting industry leading standards & employing only the most highly skilled & passionate therapist & bodyworkers.

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Rocky Gruver, LMT, MTI has been practicing massage in the Austin/Lakeway area since 2012. With experience in multiple chiropractic clinics, spas, and medical centers, he has sought to incorporate the most effective elements of these environments into his practice.  With a focus in pain management, postural correction, & injury rehabilitation Rocky has witnessed countless clients have miraculous transformations in their bodies.  These experiences have motivated him throughout his career to pursue the limits of bodywork.  His main areas of concentration have evolved to include not only the manipulation of muscle & connective tissue, but also modalities focusing on the tensional fascial network and the lymphatic system.     

Seeking a way to properly address all of these areas as a whole and help clients create a true and lasting change in their bodies, Rocky Gruver, LMT, MTI developed the Gruver Method, TM.  Through years of research, experience, and practice the techniques employed have been proven to help with chronic pain.

Rocky Gruver has been a member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals since 2012.  Rocky is a licensed Massage Therapy Instructor(MTI) in State of Texas.  A member of the International Cupping Therapy Association since 2019, through which he received his certification in Modern Cupping Techniques.  Rocky is an Usui Reiki Master Teacher, a Licensed NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and a proud veteran of the U.S. Army Chaplain Corp.  Rocky Gruver is also a published writer & health columnist, with articles appearing quarterly in

'Neighbors of Lakeway & Bee Cave Magazine'.

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