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From Blake

Though I am an author, radio show host, and health practitioner, for many reasons, I seldom give endorsements. My reputation is known as one that tells the truth, no matter how critical or severe it may come across. [Because the truth sets you free!] Like most people, I rarely find anything in life “perfect”, deserving of no critical analysis or no possibility for improvement.

Massage therapist Rocky Gruver is the exception.

How do I know this? I have, on average, received a 2-hour weekly massage for the past 30 plus years. It has been, and still is, a major part of my health routine. That’s well over 1,500 massages in my lifetime. And as a world traveler, I have probably had more than 100 different massage therapists work on me. In all truthfulness, only a few can match Rocky’s talent and intuitiveness; and none of them understand the essential importance of the lymphatic system like he does, let alone how to ‘work’ on the lymphatic system for the health of the client. (A major key to obtaining exceptional health, I might add.)

I have sent my wife, adult son and daughter, clients and friends to Rocky – all of them, like me, have experienced amazing and life-changing results.

Is a massage from Rocky for ‘everybody’? Maybe the more profound question would be, “just how many people can Rocky see in a week?” Though everyone would benefit from a “Rocky Gruver massage”, I believe those whose priority in life is to obtain superior health will be the ones who truly appreciate his skill and knowledge.

I can honestly say I am thankful and blessed to be one of the fortunate few that have a weekly appointment with him.

In my opinion and experience, Rocky is not just a massage therapist. He is a healer.

Blake Sawyer

CEO &  Founder

The Healthy Protocol, LLC



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